Our Projects


Project Name: Mosaic
Client: Leighton Properties

Eastern Gas Pipeline

Project Name: Eastern Gas Pipeline
Client: Alinta (originally BHP Petroleum and West Coast Energy, then Duke Energy International)

Recycled Water Project - WPA

Project Name: The Western Corridor Recycled Water Project
Client: The Western Pipeline Alliance

Recycled Water Project - EPA

Project Name: Western Corridor Recycle Water Project (Eastern Pipeline Alliance)

Cutters Landing

Project Name: Cutters Landing
Client: Mirvac


Project Name: Springfield
Client: Springfield Land Corporation

Pacific Harbour

Project Name: Pacific Harbour
Client: QM Properties

Clem7 / North South Bypass Tunnel

Project Name: Clem7 / North South Bypass Tunnel
Client: Brisbane City Council

Gainsborough Greens

Project Name: Gainsborough Greens
Client: Mirvac

Radius Industrial City

Project Name: Radius Industrial City
Client: Radius Industrial Pty Ltd

James Street

Project Name: James Street
Client: Calile Malouf Investments Pty Ltd

Ripley Valley

Project Name: Ripley Valley
Client: Sekisui House

South Bank

Project Name: South Bank
Client: South Bank Corporation

Tennyson Reach

Project Name: Tennyson Reach
Client: Mirvac

MacArthur Central

Project Name: MacArthur Central
Client: Seymour Group and Leighton Properties Joint Venture


Project Name: Fusion
Client: Urban Plus

Burnett River Dam

Project Name: Burnett River Dam
Client: Burnett Water (initially Sunwater)


Project Name: Airtrain
Client: Airtrain Corporation

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