Project Details

Project Name: Burnett River Dam
Client: Burnett Water (initially Sunwater)

LandPartners has been involved in the Burnett River Dam development project since its inception in 2002.

The 300,000 mega litre capacity dam will provide irrigation water to the region’s sugar cane farming and other industries, and will also boost urban water supplies.

Our role in the project began with mapping, orthophotos and survey for initial investigations and later involved:
•    dam resumption surveys
•    detail and resumption surveys for the dam access road
•    management of road closures and reinstatements during construction.

The timeliness of LandPartners’ land resumption surveys and plans enabled the resumption process to proceed as planned, and dam construction contracts to be let on schedule.

We contained our consultancy costs through efficient project management, including arranging work in small packages that could be conducted in a single site visit.

Burnett River Dam

Project Name