Project details

Project Name: Clem7 / North South Bypass Tunnel
Client: Brisbane City Council

The North-South Bypass Tunnel (NSBT) runs for approximately five kilometres from Bowen Hills to Woolloongabba in Brisbane, Australia. Consisting of two tunnels, one for north-bound and one for south-bound traffic, it will be a cross-city link eliminating up to 18 traffic lights and reducing travel time by up to 15 minutes. With three entry/exit points, start of the art tolling system, unique urban design and landscaping it will be a landmark feature of Brisbane City. Fittingly to be renamed upon completion the Clem Jones Tunnel, honouring the cities longest serving Mayor.

LandPartners’ involvement commenced with the supply of base topographical data and aerial images to enable the engineers to design the tunnel and surface works. This was carried out in conjunction with Qasco Pty Ltd.


The process involved provision of detail surveys over each of the entry/exit portals using Terrestrial Laser Scanner technology, aerial photogrammetry and field surveying. The combination of these technologies ensured the survey was completed with minimal traffic disruption, avoiding unnecessary road closures.  LandPartners also delivered ortho-rectified images for the entire project. Using Autodesk Civil3D gave us the tool to integrate the various data sets in an efficient and timely manner creating a completed digital terrain model. The most advantageous aspect was its ability to display the contours and features in 3D enabling the merging of the three data sets. Its ease of use and customisation were other important factors to why Autodesk Civil3D was chosen to manage the data.

Once the data sets had been merged and checked final deliverables were exported from Civil3D.

LandPartners also supplied engineering and cadastral surveyors to the project to carry out:

  • engineering surveying for all bridges and roads
  • engineering surface work setouts
  • engineering survey of all associated services infrastructure
  • cadastral surveys for resumption of land and definition of project limits.
Clem7 / North South Bypass Tunnel

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