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Project Name: Westlink M7
Client: Abigroup Leighton Joint Venture

The Westlink M7 connects the west of Sydney by allowing people to easily travel between the M2, M4 and M5. LandPartners role in the creation of the M7 was the provision of survey services through ten dedicated teams whose work included engineering set-out for roads bridges, intersections and other major structures as well as aerial photography, as constructed surveys, survey management and survey conformance.

LandPartners surveying expertise and attention to detail helped facilitated the M7 project being completed eight months ahead of schedule. The success of the M7 as one of Sydney’s best transport routes is a testament to those who helped create it.

The task for LandPartners was not finished with the completion of the project where regularly terrestrial scanning is provided to monitor any movement in the retaining walls.

Westlink M7

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