Titling and development consulting

LandPartners’ titling and development consulting services assist our clients to realise the full, economic potential of land, buildings and spaces.

LandPartners understands the varied and sometimes complex titling systems for freehold, crown and leasehold property around Australia, and can clarify current ownership arrangements and help to change or transfer titles to individuals, organisations or communities.

This is particularly important in urban environments, where space is at a premium. Over the past decade, LandPartners has become expert at creating volumetric plans for developments. These plans identify the titling and development arrangements for three-dimensional spaces that may be sold or leased commercially, or retained as community assets.

As titling can be a difficult concept to visualise, we use our in-house Spatial Knowledge Management System and associated modelling software to interpret and present proposed title plans in meaningful formats.

LandPartners’ titling and development consulting services cover:

•    site analyses to identify titling issues and opportunities;
•    development of community title plans and statements;
•    preparation of torrens title plans;
•    development of volumetric and building format surveys and plans;
•    preparation of lease plans;
•    creation of easement and encumbrance plans and documentation; and
•    resolution of complex public/private ownership title arrangements.

Some of our most significant titling and development consulting projects have included the creation of volumetric plans for Queensland’s South Bank Corporation (based on complex leasehold titles) and preparation of a volumetric plan of the largely elevated Airtrain passenger rail line in Brisbane.